About Northern Cyprus


Reasons for a new life in North Cyprus

  • A Safe, Peaceful and Secure Life

As a result of researches carried out by the leading demographic structures and research institutions of the world, Cyprus has been chosen as the safest country among the countries with less than 5 million population. Out of all countries Cyprus is ranked in the 5th most secure country. (Value Peenguin, 2015)


  • Climate, Weather

As a result of the studies conducted by the rating agencies of climate and weather conditions, Cyprus has the best and the most airy country among the world countries.
It is possible to benefit from the heat of the sun even in the middle of winter under the influence of the Mediterranean climate where the winter months are short and soft.


  • The Coasts

Northern Cyprus marine and coastal communities have been selected as the best water-quality coasts among all European Union countries.


  • You will forget about traffic jam

Because of the shortage of the distances, the population is not high enough, so there is little traffic in Cyprus. Compared to metropolitan cities like istanbul, traffic loss is extremely low, especially in city centers, especially when traffic is stuck at certain times.

  • Rich Culture and History

Due to its geopolitical and geostrategic importance, Cyprus has been under the domination of many civilizations throughout its history. Therefore, the island, which is very rich in history and archeology, is waiting to be discovered.


  • Northern Cyprus Cuisine

If you have fallen to Cyprus for a while, you can feel as lucky as possible. Because every day you have the opportunity to taste one of these delicious delicacies and you probably have a very good chance at it.
The Cyprus Cuisine, which has its own unique structure, different tastes and very different tastes with the interaction of Mediterranean cuisine culture, has always affected the way to Cyprus.


  • Entertainment

The reputation of the night life of Cyprus has crossed many countries in terms of night life, and it is full of fun filled with the world.


  • Natural Texture

Cyprus is an indispensable place for nature lovers. There are many land and small areas. In these areas there are open areas with forests, beaches and pointed rocks.
In spring this island is in full color flare. The roadsides and the streets are filled with flowers. It is surrounded by beautiful walking areas. These areas extend to the mountains. If you walk here, you will encounter corn starch and many wild flowers.

 Language: in Northern Cyprus, rather spoken of indigenous Turkish Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot mouth or a dialect of Turkish Turkey, the Cyprus Turkish is spoken.

 Currency: Turkish Lira, Pound Sterling.

Culture: After the immigration from Anatolia since 1975, these immigrants were included in the definition of Turkish Cypriots. Turkish Cypriots, except for apostasy in the Ottoman administration, is not much difference in the ethnic structure of the Turkey Turkish.