Reasons to visit Northern Cyprus


Have you ever wondered what is Cyprus, or rather Northern Cyprus? And if you knew, did it come to your mind why it has two names? As they are Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus. Today and in this article, the most important features of this island and what makes us talk about it will be presented.

The name of the Republic of Northern Cyprus comes from its fame in the past due to the copper that was found in abundance in its lands. Is taken from the Greek word kypros, which is in Latin cuprum and means copper.

In the 1950s, the Turks and the Turkish Cypriots, who represented 18%, took a decision to partition and establish a northern Turkish Cypriot section, due to the status of Cyprus under the administration of the United Kingdom, which was actually and officially annexed in 1914 AD. Thus, the two Cypriots were separated from each other. Northern Cyprus is located in the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean, approximately 96 km west of Syria and 80 km south of Turkey. The North Island covers an area of ​​3,335 square kilometers and is the third largest island in terms of area in the Mediterranean, preceded by the islands of Sicily and Sardinia in Italy. It was officially established in 11/15/1983. As it belongs to Turkey, the official language is Turkish and the currency is the Turkish lira. The number of its provinces is six: Lefkosa (Nicosia), Famagusta, Girne, Guzelyurt, Eskele and Lefke. Its population is distributed in these governorates, with a population of 326000 for the year 2017.

If you want to communicate with the residents of this island, you have to press +90 before entering the required number, so that parents can communicate with their children who are studying in the universities of Northern Cyprus, which are the best in the world and allow themselves to be compared with international universities which are located in America, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Canada.

Northern Cyprus universities provide studying in English and have accreditations, recognitions and memberships that make them internationally recognized.

What about the weather there? The Cypriot winter is characterized by being mild , rainy and starts from November and ends in March. As for the Cypriot summer, it is medium, hot and dry, and starts from mid-May until mid-September. As for the spring and autumn seasons, they come as two intervals and the weather is wonderful.

Tourism has its own splendor on this island in the morning in the resorts and beaches, while at night it has its own atmosphere in cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. It also has tourist and religious attractions such as castles, mosques, churches and museums.

Thus, we conclude that Cyprus has the advantages that make it a tourist destination, educational and even for living.


And now you know what Northern Cyprus is, didn't you want to visit it?