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Location :
Northern Cyprus / Lefkosa

Education Levels :
Bachelor / Master / PhD


Known as the small pearl of the Mediterranean, the Republic of Northern Cyprus is an island with a rich history, diverse culture and natural beauty. There are six major cities in Northern Cyprus, Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Guzaliurt, Askeli and Lefki. Located at the crossroads of countless ancient civilizations over thousands of years, Cyprus ranks as one of the safest countries in the world, enjoying the beautiful weather all around the year and stunning landscapes being rich in beauty and natural diversity.

Cyprus is an ideal destination for education as students come from 106 different nationalities, thanks to its natural beauty as well as golden sandy beaches, Cyprus turns the academic journey of students into a unique experience.

The International University of Cyprus was established in 1997 in Nicosia, the capital of the Republic of Northern Cyprus. Cyprus International University is one of the most beautiful and most developed universities in Northern Cyprus, keeping pace with technology and civilization. The university is located in the north of the capital, Nicosia, with a strategic location that extends for several hectares, 5 km from the city center and 14 km from “Ercan” airport, 50 km from the city of Famagusta, and 30 km from the coastal city of Kyrenia.

According to the vision of Mr. Ozer Boyagi a university that would leave a milestone in higher education in Northern Cyprus was established, and after 24 years his vision was realized through countless success stories, most notably: an unparalleled educational infrastructure on the island, a campus with more than million square metres, high focus on scientific research, social, environmental and cultural responsibility and a growing number of graduates in over a hundred different countries.

Mission and Vision

The strategic geopolitical location of the island of Cyprus and its proximity to the birthplace of civilization played an important role in what Cyprus is today. Especially as it offers more than 100 degree programs to students from more than 100 different countries.

Cyprus International University started its career 24 years ago with a small number of students consisting of 81 students and 45 employees in 1997, but soon showed a huge growth in the number of students, distinguished programs and innovative teaching methods, which made it today at the forefront of universities where the number of students has reached to 21,000 students and more than 1,000 employees in just 24 years.

Faculties and Institutes

Cyprus International University includes 12 faculties, the most important of which are: faculty of Medicine, faculty of Dentistry, faculty of Pharmacy, faculty of Engineering, faculty of Arts and Sciences, faculty of Fine Arts, faculty of Law, faculty of Commerce and Economics, faculty of Communications, faculty of Engineering, faculty of Health Sciences, and the faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies In addition to the faculty of Graduate Studies, which includes a "PhD and Master", the university also includes 8 vocational schools, including a preparatory school for the English language, tourism and hotel management, and a vocational school for health services.

Cyprus International University is the second university in Cyprus to provide a clinical pharmacy program, in addition to faculties, institutes and schools. The university includes 9 scientific research centers, 23 research laboratories, in addition to 27 educational laboratories. This is the largest number in universities in terms of attention to the educational and training research aspect of students in different fields of their studies. The university offers no less than 236 educational programs in various faculties and departments. A large number of specializations are branched from programs that are modern and important for the labor market.

The academic staff, which consists of 1,000 academic members, possesses the highest qualifications and expertise, in all disciplines to contribute to creating a generation being well educated.

University Rankings

Cyprus International University has been ranked first as the best university campus in Northern Cyprus. Cyprus International University has many international recognitions including: MIAK Architectural Accreditation Board, ILEDAK Media Education Accreditation and Assessment Board, FIBAAk Foundation for International Business Assessment and Accreditation EPDAD Teacher Education Programs PEARSON ASSURED, the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Faculties of Education, Arts and Sciences FEDEK, Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Education Programs MÜDEK and equivalent to ABET, in addition to many memberships including, European Union for Policy Research, International University Council for Research and Rescue, Center UK National Recognition Information, International Association of Universities, International Council of Universities.

The university’s possession of a preparatory school for the English language accredited by PEARSON means that the student will have the opportunity to study the language on campus and during his/her studies, using modern educational methods and techniques at the hands of the most skilled academics and with criteria that distinguish them from other universities.

The university also belongs to the ‘’Levent’’ group of companies, and has close links with its associated companies in construction, international trade, manufacturing, energy, banking, dairy farming, poultry farming, agriculture, and various other sectors, allowing the university to offer an outstanding hands-on learning experience.

University Campus

Cyprus International University enjoys a university environment with distinction, as it meets the needs of students in all respects, whether recreational, educational or sports. The university is surrounded by plains as far as the eye can see with very beautiful green views of the university’s beauty, and despite its natural beauty, the architecture in which most of the university’s buildings are built is characterized by a unique, modern and technological style designed with great mastery and artistry, which makes the student feel as if he/she is in another world wherever they lay an eye on the campus.

The campus is distinguished by its strong infrastructure and academic members with the highest qualifications and special experiences in education, in addition to owning many laboratories and research centers that enable the student and have the opportunity to apply theories in a practical way using the latest equipment.

The university campus contains a central courtyard between colleges and institutes that includes a number of restaurants and cafeterias for students and professors, in addition to recreational game halls, which include about 6 billiard halls, also electronic games for students and visitors to contribute to the entertainment of students and create a university life with extracurricular activities Between lectures or during their spare time, there is also a gym with the latest equipment and technologies, in addition to a number of trainers and training halls on the latest machines, as well as boxing and commercial brands.

Restaurants and cafeterias are designed to be in nature and among the trees in the university yard so that students can enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding them. In addition to that, there are a number of science clubs inside the campus, where these clubs work to implement various activities such as exhibitions, conferences and celebrations that contribute to enriching the university atmosphere and creating a scientific and artistic environment that attracts students to participate in.

In addition to the main square, each college contains a cafeteria or a small cafe that meets the needs of students, as well as a student services center that contributes to saving time and effort for students and serving them in the field of research, printing and other matters related to education as well.

University Building Design

The International University of Cyprus received the Urban Excellence Award in 2019, due to the excellence of the construction and engineering designs that are implemented inside the university campus. As the buildings have a basic structure made of iron and glass, the university worked through its unique design to implement the buildings in an attractive way, as each faculty contains halls equipped for display through large “projectors” and also in most colleges there is a conference hall that can accommodate each one for approximately 150 people, it is equipped with the most advanced technological devices. In addition, the university has a large theater in which various conferences and celebrations are held and can accommodate a large number of attendees, and the university is currently working on building and expanding another theater in the university so that the university has 2 special theaters for internal and external conferences and celebrations.

The classrooms inside the faculties are equipped for presentations, and inside each hall there is a touch-based tablet computer that is attached to the floor and connected to a large display screen to facilitate the task of explanation and presentation of lectures by the faculty to the students.

Arena Sports Complex

Talking about the advantages of the International University of Cyprus and what the campus includes in it has no end, as one of the most important buildings of the university is the sports building, which can accommodate 1,710 spectators and is ideally prepared to host major tournaments according to international standards, and is the largest in Northern Cyprus, the building includes indoor and outdoor playgrounds and studios Multi-purpose, fitness center, wellness center, several cafes, Olympic swimming pool, shooting range, table tennis and squash hall.

The International University of Cyprus Sports Complex aims to develop and improve the physical and mental health of students, staff as well as the public, and it increases the characteristics of social development by introducing them to the sports branches it includes to ensure that they become healthy individuals, moreover, it aims to increase the characteristics of social development for students, by introducing them to various sports available to ensure their health. The university forms a complex of sports fields in an ideal way to host large institutions, taking into consideration all students’ international standards.

The University Stadium is the largest integrated sports complex in the TRNC, which includes indoor and outdoor courts, multi-purpose studios, fitness center, climbing wall, Olympic swimming pool, shooting range, table tennis and squash hall that everyone can benefit from.

While Cyprus International University Sports Complex offers high-quality services in various sports form beginners to experienced athletes, it also takes an active part in preparing the teams representing the University in competitions.

In addition to various sports, the University also offers service of a professional dietician to help maintain long-term health goals, and the complex has been carefully designed with academic and student purposes activities for students to spend most of their free time efficiently

Equestrian Club

One of the most beautiful and most important features of the Cyprus International University in the field of non-academic activities is the equestrian club "Horse Riding", which is the first and only of its kind in the universities of Northern Cyprus and there is no other university that participates in such a club, the club includes 16 horses in a large stable with stunning views between the plains and the mountains surrounding the university, in addition to the fleet, the club includes 3 specialized racetracks designed for international and local equestrian tournaments. Perhaps the most important feature of the club is its permanent activities, as it opens its doors to visitors and joins training courses to learn equestrian and horse riding, with a distinguished staff that has won several titles and awards in jumping, training and in racing as well.

University Library

The Cyprus International University Library aims to provide various resources needed by students and faculty, in addition to a wide range of books and references. The CIU Library offers several different databases, providing students with access to hundreds of thousands of books and references. It is possible to access all sources.

The university library contains more than 80,000 publications, manuscripts and books in a variety of disciplines and topics, and the library contains more than 65 computers for students, 17 of them are for students of scientific research and graduate students, and the library can accommodate about 425 students.

The university library was designed to have its view among the most beautiful views ever, as looking wherever it is directed through its windows will overlook a view full of picturesque with gardens full of trees and flowers as far as the eye can see.

Student Transportation Services

The transportation unit of Cyprus International University provides free transportation services for all students and staff. The university has 24 vehicles of different sizes to facilitate the movement of students and staff. Providing free transportation from the university campus to the city of Nicosia daily, as well as free student services to other cities such as Girne and Famagusta.

University Dormitory

Accommodation for students are 17 unique university residences with a capacity that holds of up to 2509 students comfortably, safe and reliable. life in university residences is designed to support the academic and social life of students, in order to meet their priority needs of feeling safe and at home.

The university seeks providing university dormitories for students to speed up the period of adaptation, and provide them with easy access to study areas and all social and sports places, with security control around the clock, seven days a week, and various types of university dormitories are designed to meet all the needs of students on campus.

Hala Sultan Mosque

The university is located near the Hala Sultan Mosque, which is one of the largest mosques in Northern Cyprus, it was opened by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2018. The mosque is considered to be the most sacred place in the island of Cyprus, and due to its great proximity to the university, some call it the CIU Mosque. The mosque is characterized by the beauty of the domes and the architectural design that was inspired by the design of the Selimiye Mosque in the Turkish state of Edirne.

The mosque can accommodate 3,000 worshippers. The Sharia Institute, in which approximately 15,000 students receive their education, and the Cyprus International and Cyprus Social Sciences Universities are located near it.

It is worth noting that "Hala Sultan" is the companion Um Haram bint Milhan, the aunt of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, and she died during one of the trips on the island during the time of our master Uthman bin Affan, and was buried in the spot on which the Grand Mosque of Larnaca was built, located near the city of Larnaca on the island of Cyprus.