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Location :
Northern Cyprus / Kyrenia (Girne)

Education Levels :
Bachelor / Master / PhD


About Girne City

Girne is known to be as the prettiest city in Northern Cyprus, the city is bordered on the north and west by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the south by the United Nations region that isolates the two parts of the island of Cyprus. Girne is distinguished by the beauty and purity of its sandy beaches that extend for miles forming an amazing view, not only that, but Girne is also known for its historical places that flourished many civilizations. The city is surrounded by a mountain range that is the highest on the island and is called the "Airna Heights", which is surrounded by other mountains, plains, and the sea which gives the site the most glamorous look.

The Establishment

In the year 1985 was the establishment of the American University of Girne, the University in which its beauty is compared with the beauty of the city it was established in. The universities’ location is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and in the middle of a mountain range with a mesmerizing view. Girne American University prospered, developed and grew until it became a landmark of the city's civilization and education for more than 35 years of progress and prosperity in all scientific, intellectual, cultural and artistic aspects.

With more than 18,000 students, the university is the first private university to be established in Northern Cyprus, and it is also one of the first universities to be recognized by YÖK (Turkish Higher Education Council), and by YODAK (Higher Education Council of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) The university has signed cooperation agreements with universities in North America and Europe, and established educational partnerships in India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Belarus, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Hong Kong, these partnerships helped students learn about different cultures through student exchange programs.

During its historical development, the university has tried to take advantage of the latest developments in technology and teaching methods, while it has the highest rate of academics with PhD degrees according to the number of students, it has the highest computer capacity as well, most classrooms contain Power Point presentations and MP4 transcripts for all lectures. The university is constantly developing and raising educational standards through its innovative and modern approach.

Universities International Membership

The University of Girne America uses the American education model which offers high-level educational opportunities to its students from 93 different countries and has branches located on 3 continents, and its academic programs are approved by the well-known accreditation institutes around the world. We are talking about a university that maintains its mission of investing in the country’s future with the power of science and knowledge, in the name of establishing the future and social benefit.

The American University of Girne gives a positive image about the reality of the country, as well as the higher education system with its intercontinental campuses, academic programs and public projects. The most distinguishing features of the international identity of the university are the international accreditations and memberships.

Locally recognized by the TRNC Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board of Higher Education YODAK and the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) The university’s business school is accredited by the International Association for Business Education, USA (IACBE) and the Council of the European Business Association (ECBE) is also recognized by NARIC (UK National Equivalency and Information Centre), Tourism and Hospitality programs are TedQual certified. TedQual is affiliated with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) Engineering programs are accredited by ASIIN, the leading institution for supervision and accreditation in science and engineering in the European Union, GAU English Preparatory School has finally been evaluated and accredited by EAQUALS, the most prestigious language accreditation institution in Europe by an assessment agency Quality and accreditation in language services.

University Faculties and Institutes

Girne American University includes various departments such as marine school, aviation, performing arts, law, pharmacy, nursing, advanced engineering, architecture, interior architecture, fine arts, international business, international relations, psychology, psychological counseling and guidance, not just that, but the university also has 6 secondary schools and 11 colleges in 66 undergraduate programs, it has 41 masters and 19 doctoral programs in institutes and 13 different vocational schools. When talking more in depth about the faculty of engineering, The Faculty of Engineering includes 7 departments: Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, and the faculty has been announced as one of the top 10 Faculties of Architecture in Turkey and Northern Cyprus in the year of 2013.

Girne American University also includes the faculties of pharmacy, education, communication, humanities, law, management and economics, health science, science and technology offered in both masters and PHD program as well as social science, also the faculty of applied science, marine school, nursing, sprots and entertainment, and performing arts.

University Library

The university library contains more than 20,000 printed books and 22,000 research papers and journals. The library provides high-quality services to meet the diverse needs of students, there is an amazing development and updating of the information resources available in the library.

University Laboratories

Girne American University is known not just for its academic activities and variety of departments, but also the large number of laboratories that the university contains, most important is the chemistry laboratory, which is designed to enhance student productivity by using materials giving them the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a visible way. This allows students to become more involved in their chemistry courses, and getting the chance to work on their own chemical solutions as well as perform lab techniques and learn lab safety protocols.

Alternative Energy Lab: The alternative energy lab equipment consists of three separate power supply systems and computers. Each of these systems produces electrical energy from wind and solar energy. The alternative energy lab allows students to conduct laboratory experiments on solar energy, photovoltaic systems, and alternative energy supply systems. and wind energy systems.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab: The Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) lab is designed for education and research. The main focus of the university CIM lab is the integration of design and manufacturing functions into a computer integrated manufacturing environment. All engineering students use this lab during various courses. The lab also provides support for students' graduation projects.

PLC and Microprocessor Lab: The PLC and Microprocessor lab is equipped for undergraduate courses and projects The lab is used by electrical and computer engineering students in various core or technical elective courses, and the lab also supports students' graduation projects.

Electronics Laboratory: This laboratory consists of basic and experimental tools for electrical and electronic circuits, aiming to support university courses such as circuit theory, physical electronics, electronic circuits and digital systems, DC and AC currents, basics of diodes and transistors, amplifiers, frequency response, voltage regulators, filters, Applications of combinatorial logic, multiplexes.

Computer Lab: The university is committed to providing the latest technology to its students so that they can enter the world of business with confidence and achieve success. To support this goal, the university maintains 12 computer labs in addition to the electronic library-based computers available throughout the day to enable students to continue their studies and surf the Internet, some laboratories are booked for professional use such as tourism, hospitality group presentation, FIDLIO, CISCO, and computer engineering, the university has more than 1,200 computers on site.

Software Research and Development Laboratory: The newly established RESODEC Laboratory is the main research facility for the College of Engineering. Equipped with 10 workstation class computers and other advanced devices, the lab serves the needs of master's and doctoral students as well as faculty researchers. In collaboration with INTERDE Lab, the teaching and research computing power of the university forces the university to stand out from other competitors.

Campus Facilities

The campus includes, in addition to the beauty and charm of the place where the university was established, between the nature of the mountains and the view of the sea, on a beautiful number of university buildings that are designed in an attractive and comfortable way to look among the dense trees, gardens and roses. Students move from one building to another inside the campus, which can accommodate more than 20 thousand students. The campus contains student accommodation, divided into three main buildings, with a total number of apartments available in it is about 1590 student housing, 50% of newly registered university students prefer to stay in university housing independent accommodation.

The campus also has various facilities such as computer labs, medical care facilities, free transportation, free Wi-Fi, sports centers, restaurants and cafes, library and electronic libraries, student services, professional services, social clubs, sports clubs, events, and cinema.

The university offers a full program of activities and facilities to contribute to the healthy and diversified socialization of university students. Students from different cultures and the wonderful climate in Northern Cyprus gives students the opportunity to enjoy sports and cultural activities.

The campus also has a semi-Olympic swimming pool, built to International Swimming Federation (ISF) standards. With six lanes, available for any type of swimming and water sports competitions, as well as a fitness center that is equipped with the latest sports equipment members this gives the students an opportunity to train and join exercise programs under the guidance of professional coaches, and an indoor sports center with indoor basketball and volleyball courts available for Student to use, tennis and basketball courts are outdoor courts with special lighting and decks. The courts are also available for professional tournaments.

The total number of Football stadiums there are three ‘’Astroturf‘’ football fields around the campus, which are available for student use and are also used to train sports for the various university teams.

School of Performing Arts

A full-fledged school full of energy, activities and brilliance, contributing to the creation of generations who are interested in the arts and admire standing in front of the stage. The School of Performing Arts at the American University of Girne is considered one of the most beautiful schools in Northern Cyprus. It contains 4 dance studios, fully equipped to teach contemporary dance, one of these studios is specifically used for ballet lessons and the other studios are used alternately for contemporary dance, international dance, jazz dance, functional dance, also offers practical application of several theoretical classes, in addition to dance studios.

The School of Performing Arts also has a theater room that is used for acting classes, in addition there is also an auditory and visual room where students can benefit from the presentation of dances on DVDs to contribute to enriching their knowledge of dance history, dance analysis and choreographic ideas.

University Academic and Recreational Clubs

The university believes that students learn better when they enjoy the environment and its surroundings, which made the university adopt the idea of giving the students the opportunity to organize various clubs and contribute to the development of their scientific, artistic and cultural capabilities.

 Among the most important clubs within the university are:

Aviation Club, Computer Education and Technology Club, Painting and Architecture Club, Decoration Club, Graphic Club, Industrial Engineering Club, Law Club, Logistics Club, Management Information Systems Club, Political Science and International Relations Club, Psychological Guidance Club, Psychology Club, Research and Development Club Robots Club, Tourist Club, Turkish Club, Arts Club, Cinema Club, Dance Club, Friends Music Club, Photography Club, Theater Club, GAU Social Clubs, Ataturk Ideology Club, Football Fan Club, Greenpeace Club, History Club, History Club University Sports, Badminton Club, Basketball Club, Billiard Club, Chess Club, Fencing Club, Football Club, Horse Riding Club, Judo Club, Kickboxing Club, Diving Club, Search and Rescue Club, Swimming Club, Table Tennis Club, Tennis club, volleyball club, wrestling club.

Cafeterias and Cafes

The university provides its students and staff with a number of different restaurants and cafes on the campus, which include enjoyable sessions given outdoor in nature, as well as a variety of foods served to them, and the prices of meals are inexpensive and suits all groups, the campus contains more than one place that serves food, with a total of seven different cafes and cafeteria  distributed throughout the university campus, these cafeterias are specialized in catering for students, such as:

 “Red Room Café” which provides seating for 200 to 300 students, the famous Red Room is an ideal place for students to study and socialize. “Smit Sarayi” is where the real Turkish baking culture is introduced to the life of the university students, where the students enjoy their fresh pastries and spend time on campus with a view of the beautiful landscapes. The university also has “Food Republic” which offers students a number of traditional Turkish dishes and home-cooked meals. “The Venue Restaurant” This restaurant offers a selection of Italian-style food; In addition to a vitamin bar and delicious morning breakfasts. The "Kiosk" restaurant provides an opportunity for students to enjoy a quick snack during the break, and it also provides a range of fresh and useful juices made from both fruits and vegetables. "Starlight Cafe" which is the most popular among students and staff, offering a wide range of Pastries, baked goods and everyday household foods.

Transportation Services

The university provides transportation services for its students. Today, the university has more than 17 private buses that provides transportation services for students as “round-trips” inside and outside the university and covers all areas of the city of “Girne’’.  These transportations are completely free of charge for university students and school students, as well as university staff. The university also provides free transportation to other cities such as Lefkosa. These services are provided around the clock, including weekends.