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Location :
Northern Cyprus / Lefkosa

Education Levels :
Bachelor / Master / PhD


The Near East University is a small educational city located north of the capital of Turkish Republic of north Cyprus which is "Nicosia" city. The university built on 98 hectares for the main campus and 24 hectares for its facilities, distinguished by its exceptional view of the most beautiful areas of the capital, to snatch the eyes with spectacular views surrounded by all places of green plains, various trees and mountains.

Founded in 1988, the University of the Near East is one of the most important and oldest universities in Northern Cyprus. It has the distinction of having the lead in building the first colleges in Cyprus, as well as dental clinics, which are considered the first dental clinics licensed by JCI in the world, and also a veterinary medicine hospital, which is considered the first between all universities in Cyprus.

The campus has a large and distinctive number of facilities such as sports stadiums, shops and restaurants, health, fitness centers, cafes, an Olympic swimming pool, national and international banks, travel agency offices, a post office, university buses carrying students between cities and within the capital, security and health services 24 hours a day, and also houses for students with a capacity of 5,000 people.

The campus has a large number of parks that attract students to sit and enjoy, as each faculty is surrounded by large green spaces, gardens that attract students to study and enjoy. The faculties have study centers, restaurants and cafeterias, in addition to centers that provide all the student services, such as: The mobile phone lines of the two telecom companies Telsim -Vodafone and Turkcell, newspapers, electronics and everything related to students. They are distributed in most places within the campus.



Near East University Bank

The University has worked to establish its own bank, the "Bank of the Near East University", which is one of the few local banks in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established in 1996. The Bank's mission is to save time and effort to students and workers through the services. It provides to them in various Cypriot cities. The Bank has branches in all the cities of Northern Cyprus and has more than one branch within the campus to facilitate the daily services and dealings of students and workers through its branches in Girna, Famagusta, Nicosia, Gönyeli, Güzelyurt and others.



Ataturk Cultural Center and Convention Center

The campus has the Ataturk Center for Culture and Congress, the largest hall in the north of the capital Nicosia. The main hall can host 700 people and the theater has a space of 163.85 square meters. The hall hosts numerous conferences, concerts, artistic performances and other cultural events, such as the annual Cyprus International Theater Festival.

The Center was designed with the latest technologies and features to serve all types of national and international conferences, seminars, meetings, conferences and cultural activities. In addition to the existence of an excellent architectural and technical infrastructure, the Center has four conference rooms, one large hall, two theaters and an art exhibition with a supporting services unit. It is equipped with central cooling systems and contains a television studio, administrative offices, change rooms, make-up rooms and décor rooms


Sports Venues and Clubs

The university has a large number of internal and external stadiums, which are designed with the latest technologies and equipment. Numerous local and international championships are held on the university, as well as the universities sports teams participate in local and international competitions and championships, which have won a large number of awards. Among the most important sports teams in the university are the football team, the tennis team, the basketball team, the volleyball team, the Olympic swimming team and other sports teams and clubs, in addition to the distinguished women's basketball team.

In 2014, a new sports hall was opened, named after the Solar RA 25 car. This indoor hall is equipped with the latest technologies for training basketball, tennis, and volleyball teams. It is equipped with latest technology to hold championships and sports teams training. This hall also contains a museum to display a large number of awards that the university has won through its sports teams,


Sports Health Safety Center

The Center for Health and Safety at the University of the Near East is fully equipped with various sports facilities. It covers an area of about 2,000 square meters. It is characterized by a healthy environment, with instructions provided by trainers for physical training.

Internal activities at the center include stationary bicycle exercises, nature walking group, and beach walking, bicycling and yachting. Everyone can benefit from the center's activities and they can also benefit from a free medical examination at the center.



Olympic Pool

The Internal Olympic Pool opened on May 19, 1997. The pool's area is approximately 2,700 m2 internally. The roof area is 16 meters high. There is a central heating house, which is considered very modern, and a stadium for the public that can accommodate 1,000 people. The pool is considered the first in the Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is equipped with the latest international technology which has contributed to its being considered a destination for organizing many championships, whether internal or external, for all universities.

The dimensions of the swimming pool are 50 x 21 meters, and the depth is 3,100 cubic tons of water. And then there are the diving towers with different depth from 3-5-7 and 10 meters. The pool also has a café and a cafeteria inside it.


First Museum of Automobiles in Cyprus

The Car Museum within the Near East University is the first and only one in Cyprus, offering a blend of rare classical and sports cars dating back to the 19th and 21st centuries and attracting a great deal of attention from visitors. The museum houses more than 140 cars.

It's been visited so far by over 40,000 people, and the museum features a collection of rare classic cars, including the early models of international brands like Mercedes, Ford, Ferrari and BMW. The museum not only houses the rare cars first produced around the world, but also many legendary old sports cars, these legendary 1899 Crest Mobile, the only sample of their world brand, the 1903 Wolseley, the 1909 Buick Model, the 1949 Jaguar XK120 model, which surpassed 300 kilometers at the first time, the Murdez Murcir Murgaini, the last edition of the Roaderridge viper SRT10 Final Edition in the spotlight.


GÜNSEL Electric Car

The University of the Near East has worked on the production of the first environmentally friendly electric car in the University's plant, "B9 Günsel". The first model of this car was unveiled in 2016. This car is the first in Northern Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean region, it was developed by nine engineers for up to 28 million work hours. A car powered by electricity is driven by a distance of 350 kilometers per charge, with a speed of zero to 100 kilometers in just eight seconds. GÜNSEL is the first national and local car owned by TRNC. The president of the university, said: This achievement will be a major turning point for the country in the field of trade and economy. The car chain production line began in 2021 with the signing of agreements with more than 7 suppliers from 100 countries to produce Günsel B1,2.

The car has attracted wide attention from businessmen around the world, and the company is supposed to start exporting to countries in the region, and to Turkey, which shows that the Günsel is starting to make its way to the world through the Near East University.


Cyprus Museum of Modern Art

Founded in 2018, the Cyprus Museum of Modern Art in the Near East University is designed to be the largest museum of modern art in the Near East. The museum consists of 6 floors and includes 14 halls with a hall with a capacity of up to 1,300 people, 4 permanent assembly halls, 2 temporary assembly halls, 2 exhibition halls and 3 halls for sculpture collections. In addition, the museum complex includes a movie hall and conferences with a capacity of 120 people. It can hold conferences and seminars around the art world, a lounge for guests, studio rooms, and laboratories where the works are analyzed, the works are done, the design, and the design of the specialized laboratories In addition, there is a fully equipped library, archives and a souvenir shop to light on the history of art.

The museum contains an important collection of more than 8,000 works of art dating back to the 1940s and to the present. The Cyprus Museum of Modern Art is a collection of works by government artists from 14 countries, who represent their countries in the best way in the context of art. Most of the collection is kept in rooms designed for protection.

In addition to museums, the university, represented by its president, is interested in all other arts. There is no space in the university that is free of statues that are carefully designed and highly professional. It is distributed throughout the campus to give it another dimension of beauty and modernity, with various designs that impress visitors and those who love the arts.

Transportation at University

The University started providing transportation services for its students since 1991. Today, it has more than 100 private transport buses that provide travel services to students inside and outside the university. These buses cover all areas of the capital, and they are free of charge for university students and students of primary and secondary schools, as well as university employees. The University also provides free travel services from the university to other cities, such as Girna Famagusta. These services are provided 24 hours, including weekly holidays.



The Near East University has 20 faculties comprising 220 departments and programs, 8 graduate schools with around 218 graduate and postgraduate programs, and 3 high schools, 28 research institutes, and has several international memberships. The University is already a full member of the European University Association (EUA), International Association of Universities (IAU) within the body of UNESCO, International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP), Joint Commission International (JCI), the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), 118 other national and international institutions and foundations, and moreover, many more membership applications related to various disciplines are already in progress. Among the most important faculties within the university are Atatürk College of Education, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy




The University of the Near East contains faculty of Human Medicine, which has over the past years graduated distinguished students working now in high positions in various countries of the world, not only in Cyprus. The University also includes the Faculty of Dentistry, the first and only faculty in northern Cyprus, which includes medical clinics within the Faculty of Dentist hospital. The Faculty of Dentistry and the clinic building are among the first private clinics accredited by the International Joint Committee in the world.

As for the university hospital, it is the biggest and most successful in the field of research and scientific and practical training in the Eastern Mediterranean region. It is characterized by a unique engineering structure, in addition to being distinguished by the most modern equipment and tools used in treatment. It is considered the first hospital on the island, and no other hospital competes with it. The hospital received several international awards for its excellence in scientific research and the services provided.

In addition to the University Hospital and the dental clinics, the University also has the first College of Veterinary Medicine and an Animal Hospital in the Northern Republic of Cyprus, which is designed with advanced techniques and devices. The academic team works in the field of scientific research and international conferences that contribute to raising the level of its academic and research activity locally and internationally.


Grand Library

The Grand Library is one of the most important achievements and features of the university. It is the largest library in the Eastern Mediterranean region and contains more than one million printed books and 115 million electronic sources. In the library halls, numerous national and international conferences are held, in addition to huge celebrations in a theater equipped with the latest technologies.


Near east university uses Super Computer the world's most advanced, fastest and most powerful computer all over the world at the Innovation and Information Technology Center in the campus.

The University established the center in collaboration with IBM to provide the full support for all studies, research and academic projects, including the CERN project.


NEU Mosque

The construction was designed by the university architectures and engineers inspired by the Ottoman Architecture, but also reflecting the philosophy of the Near East.

The Mosque of the Near East University which is a huge construction will be located in a dominant place of the university with a 4800 m² closed area and 2100 m² yard in a 30 one-tenth of a hectare where it can be seen from far away distance even overseas.

It will be the biggest mosque of the Cyprus which 10000 people can worship at the same time.

It will have the statue of ‘Place of worship with the highest minarets in Cyprus’ with the four minarets with 72 meters’ height with three balconies and two minarets with 54 meters’ height with two balconies, in total of six minarets.

The mosque of the Near East University will have the 27-meter diameter and 27-meter height of dome which this enables to be the most magnificent mosque in Cyprus.

33 little domes will support the main dome. To reflect the Ottoman Architecture 21 domes and water-tank with a fountain has been built in the mosque yard.